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1 week ago

Art by Jay Zerbe

one of the things that dallas and i like to do when we are driving around is to comment on the colors of automobiles. many are innocuous, although i do prefer a cool white to a warm white (toward light cafe au lait). black is always good, unless it has some weird metallic candy-flaking tossed in there. but there are several colors that he hates, and several small color ranges that i hate. however, i think i use all of those "hated colors" at least sometimes in my paintings. the wonderful thing about color is that it is always relational. the colors around a color can completely change it, in unpredictable ways. it may pop to the visual spacial top, or may sink to the shadows. color is so incredibly fascinating! ... See MoreSee Less

2 weeks ago

Art by Jay Zerbe

i was very happy to deliver 8 paintings to LaFontsee Galleries today! the drive up and back was beautiful, and our reception was even better! it made me smile to see three "curators" discussing what to return to me in order to make space for the new work. always great to know you are appreciated! ... See MoreSee Less


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Well done Jay! Hopefully, next time nothing will be returned 😏

Honored to have them Jay!

3 weeks ago

Art by Jay Zerbe

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