delivering artwork – all part of the “job”

i’m finally back from a grueling trip to deliver two large paintings to a gallery that represents my work in Nashville. Tinney Contemporary.

a long 7+ hour drive (one way), and i was unwise enough to leave my phone on, giving me directions until the battery ran out.

fortunately, i had a friend with me, so we used his phone to get us to the gallery.

a good size space, in the trendy arts district.

he introduced me to the curator of the show that was up, and walked us over to the boutique hotel a block away.

i’m making this all sound much easier that it was. and i won’t get started on the chaos we had to walk through to get to a recommended dinner spot. broadway – party city! – was packed with rowdy masses of people, deafening music, and oh yeah – rudeness everywhere.

but now i’m home. safe and sound. glad to be enjoying my quiet life here in the middle of my wild meadow.

image: “drifting” 2020, 48 x 72″, acrylic and crayon on canvas

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